Wednesday, 7 December 2011

The "Tutu Cute" Baby Shower

The inspiration for this Baby Shower came when I was making some tulle pompoms one day..(as you do!)
It struck me that they looked like little mini tutus floating in the air.
How cute..?! .... Tutu Cute! ... Baby Girls are Tutu Cute!

Mum-to-be Danni knew she was having a baby girl, so a pink 'tutu' themed event was perfectly girly.
Here are some photos of the end result.

We selected the pretty polka dot fabric for backdrop and table cloth and we handcrafted the pom-poms, singlet letters, labels and set-up all the rest.
We definitely don't profess to be stationers and normally we'd call in the pro's for papergoods, but we don't mind a bit of craft so this time we helped create the little mini tutu invitations too.

This would be a gorgeous theme for a little girl's birthday too - and could be adapted with other colours like a lemon yellow or all white.

Hope you like it!


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