Friday, 28 September 2012

Rustic Intimate Dinner Party

Sometimes we get caught up in the oh-so pretty elements of style that we forget just how beautiful and equally as stunning simple can be.

Back in August we threw a special dinner party for a special someone; this special someone was male and probably would not appreciate all the beautiful floral prints and arrangements we so often gravitate towards. As a results, we set out to create an masculine, yet elegant setting – if there is such a thing?!  Well it turns out there is, although I would probably not use masculine to describe the end result.

Take a look for yourself:

For those of us whom looove detail, simplicity can be a breath of fresh air. This setting created just that. It was earthy, rustic, and yet beautiful. This intimate dinner took place in the loft at Wanera Wine Bar, Angaston. The food and staff were fantastic, and the room provided a brilliant atmosphere! We would most certainly recommend this restaurant to anyone look for a warm and welcoming space.


Friday, 21 September 2012

Sam & Pete = Oh So Sweet

One of the things we love about our job is meeting so many lovely couples. But some really stand out as being excited, in love, and just projecting happiness. Sam and Pete were one of those couples. You couldn't meet a nicer pair: so happy, friendly and down to earth. 

Their wedding was held in Autumn when the leaves were a sunburnt orange, so it was fitting that they went with an orange colour scheme too. Held at Mount Lofty House,  their wedding was slightly rustic, very pretty and full of details.

All photography is courtesy of Angie from Mink Studio

The beautiful bride, Sam.

Four adorable page boys carried our handmade signs down the aisle.. 'Here Comes the Bride - YAY'!

Love sweet love

Yay flags and Ribbon Wands
Tin Cans on the Classic Cars
Blood Orange Crush 

Cool drinks to quench the guests thirst after the ceremony 

Just Married. Even the leaves matched our colour scheme!

Hessian runners for a rustic touch.
Macarons from From Scratch Patisserie

More details: Mrs & Mrs
A Typewriter with envelope keepsake book
The comfy lounge area

Giant Balloons - Bursting with Love! 
Sam and Pete - we wish you a wonderful life together. It was a pleasure to meet and help with a day you will remember forever. May you live happily ever after.

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Baby Shower: Kate is ready to pop

Today I went to a very special baby shower. Special because it was for my big sister, in honour of my baby nephew who is yet to grace us with his presence but already holds a special place in our hearts!

The baby shower had a blue colour scheme, since blue is for boys. We also had a bit of a 'pop' theme - since 'Kate is ready to pop'.
The invitations were sourced from etsy seller, Lindsey, and were printables.  
In line with the pop theme, we had big round balloons that looked just about ready to pop, along with popcorn, soda pop, mallow pops, lollipops, and so on..

Last week on facebook, we asked for recommendations for cupcakes for one of our brides. Incidentally, that bride booked her wedding cakes from one of the recommended suppliers: Bec's Bakes. I decided to get in touch with Bec myself, and at rather late notice, she made some cakes for today's baby shower.

The lemon curd sponge cupcakes were absolutely divine! We had blue ones with tiny little baby feet on top, as well as some plain white which I decorated with cake toppers.

Kate wasn't keen to play the traditional baby shower games, so instead I made her a book and asked everyone to provide some advice for her to look back on.. things they wished they knew before they'd had babies, tips on how to get them to sleep/eat/etc - or just little things that will help her keep her sanity. Everyone wrote her a note and slotted it into one of the envelopes in the book.

Reading the responses was great fun, with tips ranging from "Listen to your mum and aunties", through to "Don't listen to anyone, trust your gut!". Baby Panadol made an appearance as a life-saver, and we also had the rather hilarious: "Don't post annoying stuff on Facebook. Cute photos and funny stories accepted, but keep the annoying stuff to yourself or vent elsewhere!" :-)

I'm looking forward to being an aunty. If today is anything to go by, he's going to be one spoiled little boy!

Now I'm off to enjoy one last Bec's Bakes cupcake for dinner..

- Jess