Wednesday, 11 April 2012

S&B: - When good things happen to good people

Do you believe in Karma? Even if you don't, I'm sure you recognise that sometimes good things happen to good people. That was the case for Stella and Ben - one of our recently wed couples.

We showed you a sneak peak back here but thought it was time you heard more about their day.

Stella and Ben are good people. They work work for charity organisations, are passionate about the environment and when planning their wedding they were very conscious of making it sustainable - and not spending an obscene amount of money. In fact, for a little while  I think they questioned whether to have a 'wedding'as such at all.

Stella and Ben decided they'd throw a casual wedding in the park down the road from their house. But when we met them, I think we showed them that they could actually throw a kick-ass event for their family and friends, without turning it into the big white wedding they weren't interested in. We showed them how a few fun touches can create an event to remember - without deviating from who you are or what you believe in. And without blowing the budget.
They loved the ideas, we agreed to meet their budget - and it all fell into place.



Stella and Ben decided that they wanted to arrive at the wedding on bikes. They only live down the road after all, so cars weren't needed. Enter: Adelaide Easyriders. We found this group on facebook and contacted them about the wedding. This club was so sweet and so excited - that they offered to lend their bikes to the bridal party for the day. In fact, they went one step further and offered a bicycle escort to accompany the bride! AND it gets better.... all they asked for in return was a donation to charity. The charity Stella works for! Seriously. These guys came to the party - and it all fell into place.

The two photos above were snapped by one of the members of Adelaide Easyriders, Poch Amores. 

Next - photography. Stella & Ben were willing to cut corners here. They were happy with family members taking pics and didn't want to spend the cash on an overpriced photographer. Little did they know, a talented  photographer from interstate had heard about their wedding, was keen for some extra photos for her portfolio and happened to be in Adelaide for the week, so she offered her services. For. Free. Thank you, Figtree Pictures.
See where I'm going with this? It all fell into place.

Jump forward to a fortnight before the wedding. Stella's hairdresser cancelled the booking (!!) and Stella was left wondering how she'd obtain her 1940s up-do. Well... a little phoning around and we managed to get Gemma Vendetta (vintage beauty stylist extraordinaire) to squeeze Stella into her busy schedule. Again (say it with me now), it fell into place.  

Call it luck, call it karma, call it a great bunch of suppliers (we wont object to that).
Whatever way you look at it, good things happened for Stella and Ben.
And they are good people.
May they live happily ever after.


Pod & Pea provided hire and set-up of all items at the event:
  • 50m of white bunting framed the space where the couple made their vows. 
  • 20 picnic blankets were laid out, along with cushions for added comfort and little crate tables and picnic baskets. 
  • Cozy little lounge areas were set up for those that weren't able to sit on the floor. 
  • Lawn games provided entertainment for the guests - including croquet, bocce and hand-painted Twister on the lawn. 
  • 'Bev' our beverage stand made an appearance, along with galvanised tubs to chill their drinks.  
  • We provided all tables and linen for the shared plates that their guests bought in lieu of gifts.
  • A 'photobooth' area provided somewhere for guests to create memories of the day
  • We even provided all flowers for the event.
  • Most important to the couple - all cups, plates and cutlery provided were fully compostable and now live in their garden!

Monday, 9 April 2012

The 'Rise' of the Balloon

Saying; ‘have you thought about using balloons’ to a bride these days is sure to find you receiving mixed reactions. For those who are in the know they are probably open to the idea, for those whom don’t follow blogs or the latest wedding trends their faces often look at you with horror! There is no denying that the use of balloons in weddings is definitely in vogue, yet for some the word balloon conjures up horrid images of their cousin’s engagement party back in the late 80’s!
We love balloons for snaps of colour and a fun photo prop –whether it is for you to use or your guest during their pre-dinner drinks. To us; balloons are modern, youthful and fun! They can be used in a variety of ways without looking tacky. We have collected some pictures for your own balloon inspiration...

Green Wedding Shoes

Wedding Bee
project wedding

Add caption

Wedding Chicks
oh joy

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Happy Easter

Easter is perhaps my favourite holiday of the year. We get a full four days off work to relax and enjoy time with family and friends... and it doesn't have the pressure that the lead up to Christmas can have. No need to stress about presents or a perfectly cooked Christmas Lunch! Easter is a little more laid back: Throw a casual brunch or  pop some seafood on the table with salad and a glass of wine and you're set!
(Plus you can keep the kiddies busy for hours by hiding some eggs in the yard... and pretending there's still more to find!)

While Easter is laid-back, it doesn't mean you can't put some effort into the decorations. In fact, it's a time that offers many fun opportunities for your table or garden! Here's some that we really like this year:

Martha Stewart
These egg-shells (thanks to Martha Stewart) make great vases for mini flower arrangements. A really sweet Easter centrepiece idea!

Sticking to the egg theme, painted eggs could be used to display name tags / place-settings for your table. Or, as in the picture above, you could create little sayings for your friends ala fortune cookies! A third way to use this idea: tiny notes from Easter Bunny!

Go over to PoppyTalk for the full post and a  tutorial on how to make these. They are packaged in the cutest little box and the note says: "You're and eggstra special chick". How adorable!

Bunny-fold napkins! A fun and simple way to add a touch of Easter to your table! We found this pic over at Urban Comfort. They have tonnes of other Easter Inspiration ideas too, so head on over for a look!

Hostess with the Mostess
Don't leave the decorating ideas on the table. Why not add some in the garden too? A couple of simple blackboard signs and bunnies make for cute touches, while providing a helping hand for the kids hunting for eggs!

Finally, we love this idea for presenting Easter Treats. A great decorating idea.. and a lovely way to present an Easter gift for your friends!


We're so inspired by these lovely ideas that we're going to spend some time doing our own Easter DIY. We'll be sure to share some photos with you.
We'd love to hear any special Easter decorating ideas that you have too!

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Adelaide Wedding Venues: Part 4

Ok we’re BACK! After a few weeks off now Pod & Pea is back in business and it’s time to head south of the city!

The McLaren Vale and Fleurieu Peninsular is one of those great regional destinations that still manage to have a cosmopolitan feel. Not only are there spectacular valleys and hills there are beautiful beaches and costal views. If you are planning a summer wedding then this may just be the destination for you. Another bonus is that the climate is always a few degrees cooler, which is perfect for the hot summer months!
The Hundred Eaves
This place is so unique! There is a 1862 chapel that is non-denominational which means that there is no specific religion. The chapel can fit up to 100 guests, however, if you have more guests than that you also have the option of using the surrounding gardens. The venue also caters for wedding receptions, both sit down and cocktail.

The Hundred Eaves
Polkadot Bride
Luke Simon Photography

Penny’s Hill
Not only does this place have fantastic wine it has a great function centre as well! Penny’s Hill was a farming property before it turned into a winery and cellar door. The old stone fencing and walls make sure the venue still hosts that rustic property feel. The open paddocks and hills provide your guests with fantastic views and will have you feeling close to nature. If you like old stone buildings then you should definitely check this place out!  
Polkadot Bride
Plan Book Travel

I know we’ve blogged about this venue before but we simply could not leave them off this list this time around! This venue is just so cute, and everything we love about a beach themed wedding. Take a look at our previous entry for more information about this venue!

A little more off the beaten track you will find Kingsbrook Estate. This place is just grand – no other word could describe it better.  Old world feel in a country estate setting. You really just have to have a look for yourself. Put a  marque on the beautiful lawn, host a cocktail wedding in the courtyard by the pool, or have a formal sit done reception in the restaurant, all would be equally as grand!