Sunday, 30 December 2012

Mint Condition

Last week we blogged about Emerald being the colour of 2013. But Emerald's not the only shade of green we see making a big impact next year. Without a doubt, mint is one of our picks to be the top trend in weddings in 2013.  It is feminine, yet fresh, and sits perfectly with a myriad of other colours.

You know when you decide you love something - and then you start to notice it. Everywhere. You. Go.? That's me right now with the colour 'mint'. I'm wanting clothes and nail-polish in the spearmint shades, I'm drawn to soft sorbet green paint swatches at Bunnings as I try to renovate my house, and of course I want to use it in weddings!

Below are some of our favourite minty wedding inspiration pics.  

Glam: Mint & Gold

Girly: Mint & Pink/Peach

More Mint:

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Pantone Colour of the Year - 17-5641: Emerald Green

It goes without saying that Pantone is the authority on colour. Every year, the company puts forward its pick of Colour of the Year. Last week, it announced the colour of 2013 to be Emerald Green (17-5641). 

Sophisticated and Luxurious, emerald is one of the true jewel tones. I have to admit I do love jewel tones (rich bold and dramatic purples, yellows, red and blues), but they aren't colours we often use in weddings - where many people opt for something a little softer.

Believe it or not, Pantone's announcement will have an influence on the products you see next year, and it is also likely to influence wedding decor. In 2012 Pantone named Tangerine Tango as the colour of the year, and after styling a couple of orange weddings this year, we think we're pretty likely to see some Emerald hitting our portfolio in 2013!!

To get the ideas flowing, we've pulled together a mini-inspiration board.

What do you think of Emerald?
Will you be including it in your wedding?

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Trend: Naked Cakes

In the world of weddings, there is always a new trend. And the cake is one item that has really evolved over time.

Once upon a time, wedding cakes were all sleek and white and covered in fondant icing. It was just how things went. Invariably, they were fruit cakes - not particularly edible - and they all kind of looked the same. They were there to be used for the traditional 'cutting' by the bride and the groom... but were they ever really enjoyed?

...Then came the mud-cake, stepping up to add something tastier.
...Then came cupcakes. No need for cutting, an alternative for guests to enjoy.
...Not long after, Dessert Bars became popular - featuring lots of different cakes, tarts, pies and even candy. Some people have their family members provide sweets as a way to make it more personal. Others just want to provide some variety.

...More recently, we've seen some more interesting alternatives to wedding cake, in the form of macaron towers and cheese stacks... not really cakes at all.
...And actual Cakes themselves have had a makeover, getting braver - with messy, textured, buttercream icing. Or for those that are really clever, there's Ombre cakes. Or Layered Rainbow Cakes.

Our latest favourite though: NAKED CAKES

What is a naked cake? In short, it's a sponge cake that remains un-iced (or naked). These babies have a bit of an unfinished look, which works perfectly at a more rustic style event. We think they look gorgeous, with all of their layers of cake and cream.. particularly when decorated with flowers or fruit - or even dusted with icing sugar.

Style Me Pretty
Rosie Parsons

Green Wedding Shoes
Pinterest (unknown source)

You can browse even more pics over HERE

What do you think? Your thing or too unfinished looking?
What sort of cake are you planning?
And what do you predict the next trend will be?

Monday, 12 November 2012


The use of rustic doors and windows has been popping up all over the place lately, and when you take a look at some of these examples, its easy to understand why!

Not only used as wedding decoration, the trend of reusing salvaged material is also popular within the bar and restaurant scene.

Doors can be used to frame the garden aisle, or as a back drop for the alter.  To take a look at the doors in our collection simply jump over to our facebook page.
Like doors, windows also can be used to add an extra element to your wedding day decorations. Windows are great for seating charts, menus, and even guest books.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Love, Music & Celebration

A recent trip to Montreal (the jazz and blues capital of Canada), along with the recent engagement of some super cool muso friends has inspired me to write this post.

Love, Music & Celebration.

There is no questioning the fact that all three are perfectly entwined together. I think the world would not know good music if musicians never sang about love and heart break! Music expresses more about ourselves then we realise. Most couples i know have one or two songs they love to belt out together whilst driving in the car, or hitting the dance floor. There are concerts we have been to with loved ones, sound tracks to unforgettable summers, and friendship classics that seem to blast the speakers every time we catch up with our mates. And let's not forget - there are of course the cliche "our song" situations, where no matter what, that one particular song will always remind you of that certain someone.

No great wedding, party or celebration can make claim to being amazing without amazing ambiance. Styling, lighting and (you guessed it) music all influence the ambiance of a great party. Music can add both the fun and heart felt moments to the day, making it memorable for not only you and your partner, but your guests too. Below is a collection of some fun, original and quirky music related ideas i love - with out being too novel!

If you would like loads more inspiration and play list ideas take a look at Rock N Roll Bride and Hi -Fi Weddings. Hi-Fi Weddings is an awesome blog i stumbled across whilst writing this post. The best thing about it: the play list ideas they provide!

For bride's living in Adelaide, pop over and check out some of the local musicians we recommend.
Lisa Kuerschner Music 
The Paper Sails 
Johnny Mcintyre Band 
The Happy Leonards 
Olivers Army 

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The Maze Shoot

A couple of weeks ago, we were thrilled to see one of our photo-shoots featured on Polka Dot Bride. Those 'in the know' understand what an honour this is, as the site is one of Australia's best wedding blogs, and one of our favourite sources of wedding inspiration.

Now that the excitement has died down, we thought we'd share some of the pics here for you. The shoot took place a couple of months ago now, and we've kept the photos under wraps all this time, so of course we've been dying to share them!

Pod and Pea

Pod and Pea

Pod and Pea

Pod and Pea

It was a project in the making for quite some time.. and involved some fantastic Adelaide suppliers. So rather than recap the story of the shoot (which you can see over here), we thought we'd take the chance to thank and pay tribute to the team:

Mintaro Maze - the stunning location provided such a beautiful backdrop to work with - and the team there is so lovely and helpful. If you haven't been yet, you must check it out. We would LOVE to style a wedding there one day!

Pod and Pea

Bird & Brak - creators of such lovely flowers..  it was like their blooms were made for our tins! We are endlessly impressed by the superb talents of these girls and can't recommend them enough.

Pod and Pea

Ella Gamlen - In charge of capturing all of the details and ensuring the story shone through, was Ella our photographer. And capture the details, she sure did! Ella is a great photographer - check out her facebook for the evidence! And we also owe her for bringing along the gorgeous models!

Pod and Pea

Pod and Pea

Little Bones - Andy from Little Bones created our menus, invites, and name-tags for the table. Ever talented and oh-so creative, Andy's designs were pretty enough to sit amongst china and flowers, while fun enough to make you want to attend a tea-party. This chap comes highly recommended.

Pod and Pea

L'Indulgence Hair & Beauty - Gemma and Brodie from L'indulgence are talented hairdressers and we love what they did with the models! With 5 sets of locks to play with, they went to town, creating 5 beautiful yet wearable styles.  Their salon is down at sunny Grange - why not pay them a visit over Summer?
Pod and Pea

Kate Roxby Makeup - Despite the long day, wind and sun, our models stayed flawless all day thanks to Kate's skilled hand at makeup. Makup isnt something you want to stand out in photos.. you want it to enhance and accentuate the natural beauty - and that's exactly what this make up does - making Kate an ideal option for wedding makeup.
Pod and Pea
We were so pleased to work with some of our great mates - and to meet some new suppliers too! Please check out their sites/pages!

The planning - and the day - were so much fun, and we're really happy with the oh-so-pretty results.
Can't wait to share the next one with you!

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Planter-Box Centrepieces

Pod & Pea has a new hire item: wooden planter boxes!

Those who know us will be aware that we love all things natural - with timber being one of our favourite things to decorate with. We love its warmth, the way it ages, its versatility (whether being used in a polished and preppy fashion, a rustic and shabby manner) and we love the fact that it is always classic.

To get you thinking about all of the ways that you can use our new planter boxes, we've pulled together some pictures on pinterest.

Boxes as Ceremony decoration:

Planter boxes with flowers to line the aisle:

Combine with our crates to create a display at the top - or bottom - of the aisle. 

Boxes as Centre-pieces:
Here's the most obvious option. Fill them up with flowers for a beautiful rustic centrepiece thats a big enough statement to be all that you need on a table.
Whack your table numbers on / in the box - and you're done!
Stunning! And as you can see, it matches all colour schemes and flower-types.

Boxes as your cake stand:

Boxes on your gift table:
Here's some boxes combined with our brand new 'letterbox'. This is the perfect piece in which guests can provide you with cards, kind words, or gifts -  a great alternative to a wishing well.

We can't wait to share some of the pictures of our planter boxes in action at upcoming weddings... it's like having a new toy to play with!
Check out our pinterest board for more pictures along these lines..

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Save the Dates

Not everybody sends "save the date's", but they are particularly useful for destination weddings, overseas guests, or any time you need to give advance notice of your wedding.. Perhaps if it falls on a public holiday or coincides with another event, or if your guests need to arrange accommodation.

Save the dates are a good opportunity to inject a little bit of fun into your stationery! They don't have to reflect your theme or colour scheme - as often you won't have one yet! And even if you're having an elegant wedding, you could do something quirky or different for save the dates, as they tend to come out a long way before anything else.

If you're having an engagement shoot (more on these another time) then you could use one of your photographs from that as your save the date. Below are some examples that we think are cute.

What do you think? Are you sending save the dates?

Friday, 28 September 2012

Rustic Intimate Dinner Party

Sometimes we get caught up in the oh-so pretty elements of style that we forget just how beautiful and equally as stunning simple can be.

Back in August we threw a special dinner party for a special someone; this special someone was male and probably would not appreciate all the beautiful floral prints and arrangements we so often gravitate towards. As a results, we set out to create an masculine, yet elegant setting – if there is such a thing?!  Well it turns out there is, although I would probably not use masculine to describe the end result.

Take a look for yourself:

For those of us whom looove detail, simplicity can be a breath of fresh air. This setting created just that. It was earthy, rustic, and yet beautiful. This intimate dinner took place in the loft at Wanera Wine Bar, Angaston. The food and staff were fantastic, and the room provided a brilliant atmosphere! We would most certainly recommend this restaurant to anyone look for a warm and welcoming space.


Friday, 21 September 2012

Sam & Pete = Oh So Sweet

One of the things we love about our job is meeting so many lovely couples. But some really stand out as being excited, in love, and just projecting happiness. Sam and Pete were one of those couples. You couldn't meet a nicer pair: so happy, friendly and down to earth. 

Their wedding was held in Autumn when the leaves were a sunburnt orange, so it was fitting that they went with an orange colour scheme too. Held at Mount Lofty House,  their wedding was slightly rustic, very pretty and full of details.

All photography is courtesy of Angie from Mink Studio

The beautiful bride, Sam.

Four adorable page boys carried our handmade signs down the aisle.. 'Here Comes the Bride - YAY'!

Love sweet love

Yay flags and Ribbon Wands
Tin Cans on the Classic Cars
Blood Orange Crush 

Cool drinks to quench the guests thirst after the ceremony 

Just Married. Even the leaves matched our colour scheme!

Hessian runners for a rustic touch.
Macarons from From Scratch Patisserie

More details: Mrs & Mrs
A Typewriter with envelope keepsake book
The comfy lounge area

Giant Balloons - Bursting with Love! 
Sam and Pete - we wish you a wonderful life together. It was a pleasure to meet and help with a day you will remember forever. May you live happily ever after.