Monday, 23 July 2012

Shiny (untarnished) Precious Gold

If you've been following our work, you'll probably have seen some of our rustic styling. Many of brides that we meet lean towards this look, and request rustic touches like hessian, wood, vintage jars and bottles, handmade signage, etc.  We love things that look a little worn, are a little tarnished, and have a lot of character - and it seems many brides do too.

As much as we love our rustic collection, there are many other styles that we adore equally, so we thought that over our next few blog posts we'd share some of these. We want to provide some inspiration, some of our ideas of the upcoming trends in colour and style. 

Today, we're starting with Gold. Not tarnished rustic vintage gold that you might have seen us play around with. Nope, here's some bright shiny sparkle to brighten your day! 

Sparkly dresses -
These work for both the bride AND the bridesmaids. Best for an evening event, some sequins or sparkles will add a touch of glam to your event. And you're sure to glow throughout the night!

100 Layer Cake

Unknown dress, and dress by Eli Saab

Gold Cakes -
One of our favourite trends is gold cakes. Even if you aren't using much 'metal' in your day, a shining cake is enough to add a real pop of bling!

Invitations - 
Printing in metallic is not easy, so don't try this at home kids! That said, when done well, it looks swell!

For Print Only
100 Layer Cake
Bella Figura

Add some sine to your tables by displaying flowers in metallic vessels. Vintage vases, or even spray painted tin cans. You could also consider a sparkly table runner.

Style Me Pretty, Jayne Weddings, 

Other decoration - 
Here are some other ways to add some sparkle.. in the form of backdrops and other decorative bits and pieces.


Oh Happy Day

A Beautiful Mess

Want some more gold inspiration? Go check out our pinterest board, dedicated to all things sparkly!

And of course, we don't talk about things if they're not attainable.. so if you want any of these elements in your wedding, come talk to us, we can help!


Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Using Furniture

There is just something about antique furniture. Antique, vintage, second hand. 

Don’t you sometimes wish your Grandmother hadn’t downsized and thrown out her beautiful pieces? That your Mum had said, “hey I’ll keep that?” Or that you were around to claim them?!These are pieces that have sat there throughout time. If only they could talk; imagine the stories they could tell?  

Sentimental, characteristic or simply unique pieces, some furniture just feels right, like a piece of home or part of the family!

As a lover of incorporating things that are “so me” (or "so you") in events, I adore the idea of using unique and one of a kind pieces of furniture in weddings. It may be the dresser your Granny sat in front of when she moved into her first home. It may be a piece your Mother bought when she was 18; or something you found, fell in love with, and restored. 

Furniture has the ability to hold value, precious memories, and sentimental meaning. It also has the ability to provide a laid back garden wedding with the ‘grand factor’. And add that homely personal touch.

If you’re still in doubt…..
Via: Society Bride

Via: Projet Wedding

Via: I love Southern Weddings 
Classic pieces or painted to match your colour scheme.... both are equally as impressionable!!!!
If you want to incorporate some furniture into your event, (beyond the standard trestles and chairs) then don't hesitate to ask us. We have plenty to hire and would love to create your own special space, using lounges, antique chairs, dressing tables and antique buffets.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Beauty of the Edible

*Newsflash* the herbs and the vegetables replace flowers! What?  Yes that’s right, herbs and veggies are making their ways off the plate and into the centre pieces (as well as the brides hands). They are adding color and texture in a whole new way and we think they are a pretty neat alternative to their botanical cousins!!

For something a little more discreet; artichoke, Kale and herbs can be easily integrated into a more traditional piece.  If discreet is not you, then make use of the bold and beautiful radishes and purple cauliflower.

A vegetable can’t quite create the dreaminess of a beautiful flower, but; they can be bright, modern and artistic and certainly create a talking point! Here are some of the creative pieces we have enjoyed!
Martha Stewart
Via: style me pretty