Friday, 2 December 2011

Friday Wisdom Worth Remembering

We've decided that every Friday, we're going to share a piece of wisdom for the upcoming weekend's weddings. Here's the first one for all of the brides out there..

Your wedding is a party that you have spent the last 12 months (or more) organising. In fact, it's a day that you have probably spent a good few years prior to getting engaged thinking about. Details like the style, location, colour palette, who your bridesmaids would be and what your dress might look like all probably ran through your mind at some point in the years leading up to your engagement. Then once engaged, it's full steam ahead; making bookings, buying the dress, ceremony venue, reception venue, photographer,  bridesmaids, groomsmen, their outfits, drinks menu, food menu, ceremony styling, venue styling, cars, guest, seating arrangements, entertainment...whooh have i missed anything? Probably.

It's no wonder so many Brides become stressed in the lead up to their big day! There's so much time and effort put into making the day perfect, as well as years of day dreaming, list keeping and internet surfing. This emotional investment means you want everything to be perfect!

But when it comes down to it, nothing can go so wrong it could ruin this day.
Your day has already gone to plan once you make it through your vows.

Jump forward to, let's say, your first wedding anniversary. A wedding anniversary is remembered and celebrated because it is the day you married the one that you love, not the day that you threw a great party for everyone! (although lets face it,everyone does love a good party)
Do you think your guests noticed any little imperfection? And even if they did, do you think they gave two hoots or can recall what they were now? The answer is probably not, and neither should you!

So our advice: Relax and soak it all in. Take delight in the happiness a party brings, but be content with the one who takes you home.

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