Monday, 9 April 2012

The 'Rise' of the Balloon

Saying; ‘have you thought about using balloons’ to a bride these days is sure to find you receiving mixed reactions. For those who are in the know they are probably open to the idea, for those whom don’t follow blogs or the latest wedding trends their faces often look at you with horror! There is no denying that the use of balloons in weddings is definitely in vogue, yet for some the word balloon conjures up horrid images of their cousin’s engagement party back in the late 80’s!
We love balloons for snaps of colour and a fun photo prop –whether it is for you to use or your guest during their pre-dinner drinks. To us; balloons are modern, youthful and fun! They can be used in a variety of ways without looking tacky. We have collected some pictures for your own balloon inspiration...

Green Wedding Shoes

Wedding Bee
project wedding

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Wedding Chicks
oh joy


  1. Hi I love these big round balloons can U tell me where I would be able to find some?

  2. Hi there, are you in Adelaide? If so, try Balloons Galore.