Thursday, 7 June 2012

Winter Warmers for your Wedding

Brrr.... it's cold in here! 
(Am I the only person that always follows up that sentence with "there must be some Toros in the atmosphere" ala 'Bring it On' circa 2000?)
Anyway before I digress and rave about my love of cheerleader movies or Kirsten Dunst... my point is: 
Winter is here.

If you've planned for a Winter wedding (or in fact even if you've planned a Spring, Autumn or even Summer wedding!), there's every chance your wedding day could be cold.
If there's one thing we know that you can't control about your wedding, it's the weather. But what you can control, is how much it bothers you... or your bridesmaids... or your guests

Below are some of our favourite winter warmer ideas to keep your wedding day comfy for all involved: 

Keep yourself and your bridesmaids warm in cardigans.So often you see bridemaids in strapless dresses with blue-tinged skin, trying to pretend like it's not cold! 
It's winter, so rather than try to hide it, go with it!
It's quite surprising how this can look elegant or glamorous or quirky or casual, depending on how you rock it.
And what a fun way to add some colour, if that's your thing.

If your ceremony is somewhere a little drafty, why not provide some blankets for your guests?
In fact even at a reception, some well placed blankets hanging over the backs of chairs could provide some welcome warmth once the night's chill sets in. Make it a feature while also being functional. 
Pod & Pea has blankets for hire. 

Real Warmth
What could be better than a bonfire? It would add the warmth, the atmosphere, the romance.. and also the opportunity to serve toasted marshmallows or create your own s'mores bar (yes very American, we know.. but how cute?!). 

OK, so we know a bonfire isn't the most practical option. Not many venues would allow it. 
But at least try for some gas heaters or a chiminea or two. 

And if all else fails, don't underestimate the 'perceived' warmth that a load of candles or lanterns brings to a room. 

Now I'm off to put my ugg boots on!
Would love to hear how you're keeping warm this Winter!

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