Sunday, 1 July 2012

The Beauty of the Edible

*Newsflash* the herbs and the vegetables replace flowers! What?  Yes that’s right, herbs and veggies are making their ways off the plate and into the centre pieces (as well as the brides hands). They are adding color and texture in a whole new way and we think they are a pretty neat alternative to their botanical cousins!!

For something a little more discreet; artichoke, Kale and herbs can be easily integrated into a more traditional piece.  If discreet is not you, then make use of the bold and beautiful radishes and purple cauliflower.

A vegetable can’t quite create the dreaminess of a beautiful flower, but; they can be bright, modern and artistic and certainly create a talking point! Here are some of the creative pieces we have enjoyed!
Martha Stewart
Via: style me pretty 

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  1. I love the cabbage looking type of flower in the second bouquet photo. I think theyre great and come in all sorts of colours. I've seen them as the new trend making their way into arrangements in the florists and they're beautiful. Great post :)