Sunday, 5 August 2012

The Great Gatsby Era

The new, the exciting, and the scandalous! Oh – how I sometimes wish I were born in an era where it felt like we were on the verge of a revolution. A revolution of style and life style!! (That said; we might just be living on the verge now…?)

The Roaring 20’s holds host to many triumphs: Women’s rights and our movement into the work force, music and scientific discovery. It was a time of rebuilding, rediscovering and reinventing! Most importantly, it was a significant shift in style and fashion in general! Beautiful head pieces, comfortable floating dresses, black, gold and champagne palettes. Oh -so glam. 

We we’re liberated!

Its no wonder we are once again feeling inspired by this point in time, how could we not? 

Via: bait and switch

Via: Chic Vintage Bride

Kate Moss used 1920's inspiration for her (gasp-worthy) big day.... and who doesn't need another excuse to look at these pics... 

And Tori Spelling also went with a classic 1920s look on her wedding day. Rarely listed as a style icon, this pic of Tori is somewhat different and proves that the vintage look is totally pretty, elegant and timeless.  

And here's a couple of extra inspiration pics we're loving.

Via: Green Wedding Shoes

Via: Kendra Scott Design 
We imagine a 1920s wedding involving lots of crystal vases and brass pieces. Soft muted tones like cream, gold and blush. Red lips and classic roses. Perhaps a jazz band playing in the corner. It's all about glamour, old hollywood style.

If you're planning a vintage wedding in Adelaide, there are plenty of great suppliers that you should check out..

  • In Love Again Vintage Bridal at Largs Bay has a range of original vintage dresses to try on, as well as custom-made head-pieces. Rene is also offering styling if you need some help achieving the overall look. 
  •  Gemma Vendetta does hair and makeup in the vintage style, and even uses actual methods that were used at that time. 

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  1. I adore the twenties era! I too think I should have been born then! Thank you for sharing such lovely imagery. x