Sunday, 4 November 2012

Love, Music & Celebration

A recent trip to Montreal (the jazz and blues capital of Canada), along with the recent engagement of some super cool muso friends has inspired me to write this post.

Love, Music & Celebration.

There is no questioning the fact that all three are perfectly entwined together. I think the world would not know good music if musicians never sang about love and heart break! Music expresses more about ourselves then we realise. Most couples i know have one or two songs they love to belt out together whilst driving in the car, or hitting the dance floor. There are concerts we have been to with loved ones, sound tracks to unforgettable summers, and friendship classics that seem to blast the speakers every time we catch up with our mates. And let's not forget - there are of course the cliche "our song" situations, where no matter what, that one particular song will always remind you of that certain someone.

No great wedding, party or celebration can make claim to being amazing without amazing ambiance. Styling, lighting and (you guessed it) music all influence the ambiance of a great party. Music can add both the fun and heart felt moments to the day, making it memorable for not only you and your partner, but your guests too. Below is a collection of some fun, original and quirky music related ideas i love - with out being too novel!

If you would like loads more inspiration and play list ideas take a look at Rock N Roll Bride and Hi -Fi Weddings. Hi-Fi Weddings is an awesome blog i stumbled across whilst writing this post. The best thing about it: the play list ideas they provide!

For bride's living in Adelaide, pop over and check out some of the local musicians we recommend.
Lisa Kuerschner Music 
The Paper Sails 
Johnny Mcintyre Band 
The Happy Leonards 
Olivers Army 

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