Friday, 18 November 2011

Beach Wedding - One Theme, Two Ways

Summer has come early in Adelaide this year (yippeee!), and it's got us daydreaming of long days at the beach, lazing in the sunshine. Of course it's also got us thinking of beach weddings!

The beach location and the beach theme is incredibly versatile and can be interpreted in so many ways. Too often, we see the same ideas played out - all blue and white with starfish theming! 

There's so much more you can do than that... ideas that spring to mind are -  whimsical and dreamy wedding, rustic and earthy, fun and playful, slick and modern, or even elegant / traditional styles. All styles seem to suit the beach wedding! 

Today we thought we'd create 2 totally different beach vibes to demonstrate what you could do with this setting..

1. Earthy Romance

For us, simplicity, natural tones and earthy themes are favorites, and these elements fit perfectly with a water-side wedding. There is no feeling closer to mother nature than standing on the beach with sand between your toes, a dress blowing in the breeze and ocean spray against your skin. 
So here's this feeling, put into pictures and turned into a damn pretty wedding.

2. Have a (beach) 'Ball'

Last weekend's visit to the Middleton Beach Huts has given us a totally different kind of beach wedding inspiration! 

The vibrant colours of the huts (not unlike your favourite beach ball) would create such a fun party vibe for a wedding!  And on a hot Summer day, what more do you want than to kick off your heels and dance barefoot in a relaxed party vibe?!
We're loving the boldness of aquas, red and yellows... so here's some fun ideas we'd love to see at an Adelaide wedding soon!

So different, but we love both!
Which do you prefer??

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