Wednesday, 9 November 2011


We Heart It
Welcome to our blog.
We hope you'll find it inspiring, informative and cozy in here!

Pod & Pea is finally live!
This is the beginning of something special and exciting, but at the same time we feel like we're already a little way along the path in our journey. Pod & Pea is the result of a long-held passion that has already experienced months of planning and research, along with hours of conversation and many a sleepless night.

Firstly, a little about us:-
Pod & Pea is the product of Jessica and Jacinta, 2 like-minded souls who met as colleagues in the corporate world.. where creativity can be stifled and lovely little details are often lost (or non-existent) among beige and khaki decor!

Add a little imagination and a shared passion and suddenly we have an outlet for that creative instinct within!

And the concept:-
We're a boutique event planning and styling business. But before you get ahead of yourself, don't start picturing chair-covers with sashes. Events are so much more than that - and we like to consider ourselves as innovative and creative people that will get to the very heart and soul of your event. We'll help make it gorgeous, make it 'you' and make it unforgettable for you and your guests.

Our style is eclectic. Our pieces are hand-picked or handmade.. and consist of vintage furniture, rustic decorations and oh-so-lovely details. Many details. We're obsessed with details.

Of course we'll share examples of our style and the items we have available for hire as time goes on... and hopefully you'll stick around.

Did I mention we like details too?

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