Sunday, 30 December 2012

Mint Condition

Last week we blogged about Emerald being the colour of 2013. But Emerald's not the only shade of green we see making a big impact next year. Without a doubt, mint is one of our picks to be the top trend in weddings in 2013.  It is feminine, yet fresh, and sits perfectly with a myriad of other colours.

You know when you decide you love something - and then you start to notice it. Everywhere. You. Go.? That's me right now with the colour 'mint'. I'm wanting clothes and nail-polish in the spearmint shades, I'm drawn to soft sorbet green paint swatches at Bunnings as I try to renovate my house, and of course I want to use it in weddings!

Below are some of our favourite minty wedding inspiration pics.  

Glam: Mint & Gold

Girly: Mint & Pink/Peach

More Mint:

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