Saturday, 28 January 2012

Beyond the Book

We haven’t been able to avoid the cute and creative ideas out there now for an alternative to the traditional guest book! Here are some of our favourites.
Finger Print Prints: These seem to be popping up at weddings more and more frequently now and it’s just because they are so dam-cute! Creating a sentimental piece like these ones is a great way to have your guests contribute to a creative piece of art work with sentimental value.

Girly Wedding
Typewriter Notes: Why not get a little quirky and set up an old type writer for all your guests to write you a little note of advice for married life (or just life in general). Another sweet idea would be to have them put it into a pre-made book for safe storage. We recently added a vintage typewriter to our hiring collection!
Bridal Bar Blog

Recipe Cards: Plan on cooking more home cooked meals in your married life? If not, wouldn’t it just be nice to have Aunty Joan’s famous Banana Bread recipe to keep anyway? Recipe cards are a sweet and quirky way to do so!
                                                               The City Rooms

Something special from home: This one is popular amongst the couple that’s homes are far apart. If you’re beau is from another country, why not have his family bring something of significance over to the wedding and have everyone write a note on it to keep? Some ideas include river stones, large leaves, and pieces of wood… This would also be a great surprise if you didn’t mention it before the wedding!
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