Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Summer Daze

With a beautiful warm weather weekend heading our way, i thought it was fitting to blog about a particular flower that has me dreaming of sunny afternoons all year round... yes, i am talking about the understated daisy.

I love them dearly. Whether it be in a simple posy or a dreamy bohemian chain, or even in the form of a more recent trend 'dehydrated', a bunch of daisies can remain elegant yet youthful all in the same breath.  They are versatile and look great in both a country and or beach setting, and another great fact...they are considerably affordable compared to some other flowers that I adore. 

Perfect for summer garden weddings...

Or rustic beach settings.... 

Via: The Natural Wedding Company 

Via: Mathar Stewart Weddings

The fun loving, dreamy bohemian bride....


Equally adorable and a little unusual, i also love the use of camomile flowers, a much smaller version of the daisy. 


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