Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Gold Headpieces

For those of you whom follow wedding blogs i am sure you are all well aware, but in case you haven't been noticing it...GOLD is in.

It has been popping up every where. From cutlery, to stationary, table runners, and vases, gold is making an appearance in weddings more often than not.

If we step away from the table and focus on the bride, one trend we are loving at the moment is the good headpiece. I am finding it hard to classify exactly what style these are.... They are all so unique they seem to fit seamlessly into an assortment of wedding styles.

This one is super sweet and a DIY job!

Via: blyknbrideonline.com

Via:Portobello Jewellery 

Via: The Art of Weddings 

WE have also found some simple and sweet chains on Etsy.

Stay posted for some more GOLD inspiration to come.... 

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