Monday, 20 February 2012

Introducing "Bev" - The Beverage Station Queen

Ohhhh summer (insert sigh), how we love you! And Summer weddings. They conjure images of warm balmy nights, flowy dresses, loose hair styles, and of course, refreshing drinks! Warm weather provides the perfect opportunity to treat your guests to something out of the ordinary: beautiful punches, sangria, or even homemade lemonade – my mum’s is the best!

With this in mind we decided that our collection was missing a key piece for these very occasions!

 Everybody, we would like to introduce you to our new friend “Bev”. She has ambitions of serving drinks all over town! 

She is available to hire (along with our drink dispensers) - and is perfect not only for weddings, but also baby showers, kitchen teas, and more.
She's happy to dress up however you want her too - and she's a real crowd pleaser!

While we're introducing Bev, we thought we would also share some other cute drink stations for inspiration.

JK Photography

Be Different - Act Normal
The rustic wheelbarrow always suits the garden wedding.

Libby James Blog

An old bath tub used to keep the drinks cool reminds me of my childhood! It adds so much character to the party - and is practical in that it can keep a large amount of drinks cool!
Libby James Blog
So many weddings take place at wineries these days (and for good reason, they are just so pretty). Wine barrels are cheap and they compliment these venues well if used correctly. There is always a risk that they can look too "generic", bold and out of place.. but we've found some (below) that have been used perfectly!

Hopefully Summer sticks around a little longer this year.. We haven't had enough sunshine yet!

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