Wednesday, 29 February 2012

A Festival Wedding

Festival Season has arrived in Adelaide - and we are in good spirits! It's the best time of year to be in our fair city. Adelaide really comes to life, there is an energy in the air and always something new to see: from comedy to cabaret, from burlesque to break-dance... even just the weird and wonderful characters that appear from the woodwork and make for great people-watching. 

Fringe Festival has commenced, the Adelaide Festival of Arts is not far away. But our favourite part of festival season is spending evenings in The Garden of Unearthly Delights. The weather is usually great and we spend long nights sitting among huge old trees strung with lights, sipping on wine and soaking up the atmosphere. For a whole month, there is a carnival feel, everyone is in good spirits, the smell of the food and the sound of the various shows swirl in the air creating a terrific buzz.

Garden of Unearthly Delights

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We thought we'd use this time to daydream about a festival themed wedding (not to be mistaken with a carnival themed wedding). In fact, a Garden of Unearthly Delights themed wedding.

In our minds it involves:-
- dancing barefoot on the grass, under a huge oak tree - surrounded by strings of bulb lights, fairy lights, coloured paper lanterns. 
- guests feasting on hot chargrilled corn on the cob and (of course) poffertjes
- seating at big wooden picnic tables with bench seats... or on large cushions on the ground
- a cool little band playing under a rotunda
- drinks  served from a vintage caravan (like The Little Van that Could)
- and some sort of festival African drumming.. or fire twirling.. or at least a hula-hoop lady. 

Can someone please book us to arrange this type of wedding? Pleeeeaaaase???
We would be in HEAVEN!


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