Friday, 17 February 2012

Fingerprint Jewellery

Looking for a unique piece of jewellery?
There's not much out there more unique or personal than a fingerprint.

We just found this fingerprint jewellery on etsy by Brent & Jess and think it would be a great option for a wedding ring. What could be more personal than wearing your partners one-of-kind fingerprint?

They make versions where the fingerprint is visible, but our favourite is the more discreet option where you keep the fingerprint on the inside - close to your heart!

These would also make a great option for a proposal ring.. a sentimental placeholder for her to wear until the engagement ring arrives.. and treasure long after.
How cute is this one, engraved with "Marry Me?".

And isn't this a sweet alternative to the old 'best friend charm'?
Your fingerprint on one half, your partner's on the other.And your names on the back.

These rings are hand-made using ancient technique and made only with quality materials like gold, platinum and palladium. Best of all, they're really affordable!

What do you think?


  1. Although many choose to decorate their own brand of fingerprint can be used for other images, as well as the creation of these beautiful handmade works.
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  2. I would like to wearing a nice wedding ring. The symbolism behind a ring of this kind is so great that selecting a flawless ring is a very important task. There are many conclusions a two some desires to make with consider to selecting marriage rings.

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  3. I really adore the heart pendant, so cute and classy although I like the silver rather than the gold or yellow heart. But pretty well made!